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The most important benefit of solar energy is that it is a truly renewable energy source. With suitable climatic conditions across India – solar installations have seen unprecedented growth across the board.

Rooftop solar is fast becoming the favorite investment for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional organizations throughout the world because of the long term cost savings being offered.

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Benefits of Going Solar

Financial benefits

Using solar means more assured saving over your electricity bills. Minimum savings starts with 10 % and scale up to 40%. More Savings = More Money = More Earnings.

Secure Investment

Electricity supply companies are notorious for their fluctuating and unreliable electricity prices. There is clearly an upward trend. With solar panels and simple math, we can calculate how much electricity will be generated, and most importantly, at what price, for at least the next 20 years (fixed energy costs). Imagine paying lower tariffs than your neighbors.

Guaranteed Performance

Solar panel manufacturers include a 15- to 25-year warranty (also known as a performance guarantee) with their solar panels. The industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years. The real lifespan of solar panels is much longer – your solar panels will likely generate a good amount of electricity 30-40 years down the line.

Low Payback Period

In most cases, the payback period ranges between 3-5 years.

Increase your Home/Business Value

Buying a property with solar panels translates into lower electricity costs. Solar panels will increase your assets attractiveness in the market.

Saving Environment

Using Solar system means reducing your power consumption from Grid that is your Power Company. Your Power Company makes use of Coal or Non-Renewable energy resources to generate power. So less consumption of grid from power means less use of non-renewable energy resources.



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